Learn FontLab Fast

Written and designed by Leslie Cabarga Softcover, 148 Pages, Profusely Illustrated

About four years ago, I needed to learn FontLab fast, but I was a bit intimidated by the 700-page manual the company issued, so I decided to write the kind of book I wanted: just the facts, stated in the order I would most likely need to know them as I began to create a font. I don’t like to read so I packed the book with a million screen grabs that show you exactly what you’ll be doing on your own screens. With the help of the wonderful FontLab folks, Ted Harrison, Adam Twardoch, Sasha Petrov and Yuri Yarmola, I was able to get all my questions answered and I was able to put together this book that has already sold about 3500 copies and continues to get raves from readers.
Now in a second edition (with blue cover), the book has been updated further to stay current with Studio 5. The book is still used as a textbook in many font design classes. Learn FontLab Fast takes you from point A (knowing nothing about the program) to point T (the point at which you can make a real font). The book leaves many of the more technical details out, such as hinting and the more complex aspects of OpenType, but those things are what the 700-page manual is for. The current edition also gets you started in Fontographer. For more background on Learn FontLab Fast, as well as info on my other book, Logo, Font & Lettering Bible, go here: http://www.logofontandlettering.com
The two books are wonderful companions; almost a complete course in lettering and fonts because together, a lot of background is provided regarding history, theory, style, drawing letters from scratch, proper letterforms, spacing, kerning, business practices, and using sound judgement. Click the link to order both books as a package deal: combo. If you’re ordering just this one book you can also use my PayPal Express ordering (you will save some money by ordering through this link, rather than through lesliecabarga.com)

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