Logo, Font and Lettering Bible

Simultaneously written and designed by Leslie Cabarga Hardcover, 8.5”x11” 240 pages, Full Color

This book is a hands-on guide to the entire process of making logos and fonts and even icons, all of which, essentially, start with the ability to draw letterforms. The intent of the book, in fact, is to enable the user to end reliance on “OPF” (other people’s fonts) and learn to draw your own custom logos, fonts and lettering! There are many books on the market that simply display collections of logos and fonts, and that give the history of logos and fonts. But Logo, Font & Lettering Bible is unique in that it teaches you how to create logos and fonts from scratch using traditional tools, as well as the computer programs Adobe Illustrator and Fontographer (plus a bit about FontLab).
The book provides all the traditional rules and tips about letter formation relating to proportion, shaping, balance, spacing, composition. And it actually teaches five different methods of drawing letters on computer using bezier curves. There has never been a book like this one that goes into so much detail about drawing letters and takes such a fun and irreverent approach while doing so. The book is also full of inspiration and includes analyses of many great examples of vintage and current lettering from old manuscripts to graffiti.
Logo,Font & Lettering Bible also shows you how to create fancy drop shadows and other type effects in Illustrator. And finally, the last section provides straight talk on the business of being a logo and font designer, from advertising your work and pricing to dealing with difficult clients (aren’t they all?).
This book has been almost unanimously acclaimed by professional letterers, logo designers and font creators, both young and old. It is currently in use as a text in many typography programs and several Design college educators have stated it is one of the few textbooks that “students are actually happy about having to purchase.”
The “Bible” has been a graphic arts bestseller on amazon.com since it was released in 2004. Go there and read the (mostly) glowing reviews. Or go to my own original site for this book and see page examples and read what many top professionals have said about it.If you’re ordering just this one book you can also use my PayPal Express ordering

About the Author:
Leslie Cabarga has been an illustrator, graphic designer and font designer since 1975. He has authored over two dozen books on design including The Designer’s Guide to Color Combinations, The Designer’s Guide to Global Color Combinations and Learn FontLab Fast. As an illustrator he’s drawn covers for Time, Newsweek, Fortune and National Lampoon. He has designed numerous fonts, such as Magneto, Casey, Streamline, Raceway and the Love and Peace family of psychedelic fonts.

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