Designer's Guide to Color Combinations CD-ROM

1250 Color Swatch Sets in RGB and CMYK on CD-ROM

I took all the color swatches from my two books, The Designer’s Guide to Color Combinations (that shows historical colors), and the Designer’s Guide to Global Color Combinations (that shows color from around the world) and put them into one CD-ROM.
These books were the first to show color in context. That is, not just random groupings of swatches—as they did in the Chronicle Books series of color combinations books—but swatches based on great posters, fabrics, tiles, rugs, illustration, covers and anything else I could find that was beautiful. Thus these colors are, in a sense, proven.
But even more importantly, my books show them in the context of the order of importance: which colors are accents, which backgrounds, which are middle ground, and so forth, so the user benefits both from what the colors are that were chosen as well as how they were used by past and present color experts.
Even if you don’t own the books themselves, with this CD you just open up some random files and see which swatch groupings appeal to your eye, then paste them into Illustrator or Photoshop to sample them with the eyedropper tool for your own use.
The Designer’s Guide to Color Combinations is still in print and available here.
The Designer’s Guide to Global Color Combinations is out of print and I have no more copies for sale.

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